The following is a collection of photographs, advertisements and promotional materials that I have scanned and posted for public consumption. If you have additional information about any of these pictures, including corrections or date information, please go to the e-mail page and let me know what I'm missing! Thanks.

KSJO-AM  San Jose, CA
Bill Calder during 72 hour broadcast to raise money for wedding  (58k)    1958

WEEI-AM  Boston, MA
Bill Calder and Charlie Johnson in studio  (68k)    1959
Bill Calder and Charlie Johnson in studio  (52k)    1959
Bill Calder and Charlie Johnson in studio  (64k)    1959
Taxicab advertisement, The Calder and Johnson Show  (50k)    1959
Taxicab advertisement, The Calder and Johnson Show  (35k)    1959
Wall advertisement, The Calder and Johnson Show, Boylston Street  (62k)    1959

WINZ-AM  Miami, FL
Bill Calder and Jerry Vale  (39k)    1959
Bill Calder  (72k)    1959
Bill Calder  (30k)    1959

WEBR-AM  Buffalo, NY
Bill Calder with guest "Lone Ranger" writer Fran Stryker  (29k)    1961
Bill Calder in studio  (29k)    1961
Promotional picture  (35k)    1961

KXYZ-AM  Houston, TX
Bill Calder in the studio  (71k)    1963
Promotional mailer  (421k)    1963

KHJ-AM  Los Angeles, CA
Bill Calder with new Studebaker Avanti  (66k)    1963
Promotional flyer  (171k)    1963

KPRC-AM/FM  Houston, TX
Bill Calder and The Show Biz Army at Colt 45 Stadium  (65k)    1964
Casey Stengel dons a Show Biz Army hat at Colt 45 Stadium  (54k)    1964
Show Biz Army ID Card  (121k)    1964
Show Biz Army poster  (139k)    1964
Show Biz Army vacation flyer  (177k)    1964
Show Biz Army vacation flyer  (222k)    1964

KPRC-TV  Houston, TX
The Bill Calder Show with guest Anita Bryant  (36k)    1964
The Bill Calder Show with guests Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown, Houston Post columnist Bill Roberts and oil woman Ann Pulaski  (23k)    1964
The Bill Calder Show with guest Louis Nye  (23k)    1964
The Bill Calder Show with guests The Kingston Trio and Bill Dana  (23k)    1964
The Bill Calder Show with guests The Kingston Trio and Bill Dana  (22k)    1964
The Bill Calder Show with guests Poncie Ponce and Maxine Messenger  (64k)    1964
Bill Calder playing ping pong with guest John Gary  (36k)    1965
Billboard Magazine article re: The Bill Calder Show with guest John Gary  (118k)    1965

WIND-AM  Chicago, IL
Bill Calder with other air personalities on parade float  (84k)    1965
Promotional photo of Bill Calder and Lee Rogers  (18k)    1965

KSD-AM  St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper advertisement  (100k)    1969
Promotional flyer  (319k)    1969

KXOA-AM  Sacramento, CA
Promotional flyer, The Calder and Johnson Show  (67k)    ????

Bill Calder as baby in New York City  (62k)    late 1920's
Bill Calder and wife Mary  (46k)    1958
Bill Calder playing pool with Minnesota Fats  (33k)    1968

My personal thanks to Mary Ellen Spetko for the following series of photographs. Mary Ellen was married to Bill at the time of his death.

Wedding to Mary Ellen  
Group photo  (58k)    1977
Bill with Larry King  (42k)    1977
Bill with Larry King  (77k)    1977
Bill & Mary Ellen  (66k)    1977

Baxters TV Show, New Orleans  
Bill in studio  (72k)    ????

KFIX, Kansas City  
Bill with Larry King in studio  (86k)    1978

WTIX, New Orleans  
Doing a remote  (65k)    ????
The view  (77k)    ????

New Orleans  
daughter Lili  (71k)    ????
daughter Lili  (62k)    ????
Bill doing remote at Mardi Gras  (85k)    ????

Mary Ellen  
By the window  (107k)    ????
At the game  (77k)    ????
Looking at the crowd  (85k)    ????
Night  (33k)    ????
On the couch with Benny  (63k)    ????

Unknown  (69k)    1984
Unknown  (76k)    ????
Bill with Benny & Max  (56k)    ????
Bill at Disneyworld  (100k)    ????
Bill on vacation  (75k)    ????