The section provides a list of known television and radio stations that Bill was on the air. If you know specific year(s) that Bill worked at a particular station, listed or unlisted, please go to the e-mail page and send me the updated information. Thanks.

KSJO-AM  San Jose, CA  1957
KGO-AM  San Francisco, CA  1958
KXOA-AM  Sacramento, CA  1959
WEEI-AM  Boston, MA  1959-1960
WIOD-AM  Miami, FL  (unknown dates - 1960's)
CKGM-AM  Montreal, PQ, Canada  1960-1961
WEBR-AM  Buffalo, NY  1961
WINZ-AM  Miami, FL  1961-1962
KPRC-AM  Houston, TX  1962, 1964
KFRC-AM  San Francisco, CA  1963
KHJ-TV  Los Angeles, CA  1963
KHJ-AM  Los Angeles, CA  1963-1964
KPRC-TV  Houston, TX  1964-1965
WRCV-AM  Philadelphia, PA  1965
WIND-AM  Chicago, IL  1965-1966
KXYZ-AM  Houston, TX  1966
WEMP-AM  Milwaukee, WI  1967
KWK-AM  St. Louis, MO  1967
KSD-AM  St. Louis, MO  1968-1969
KMOX-AM  St. Louis, MO  1969
WHN-AM  New York, NY  1970-1971
WDAF-AM  Kansas City, MO  1972
KPOK-AM  Portland, OR  (unknown dates - sometime between 11/15/1972 and 7/1/1973)
WOMC-AM  Detroit, MI  1973
KOOL-AM  Phoenix, AZ  1973
KMOX-AM  St. Louis, MO  1974
WJNO-AM  West Palm Beach, FL  1975
WIOD-AM  Miami, FL  1976-1977
unknown station  Austin, TX  1978
KFIX-AM  Kansas City, MO  1978-1979
WJBO-AM  Baton Rouge, LA  1980
WWL-AM  New Orleans, LA  1980, 1981
WGSO-AM  New Orleans, LA  1981
WWL-AM  New Orleans, LA  1981-1983
WINZ-AM  Miami, FL  (1983-1984)
unknown station  Nashville, TN  1984
WTIX-AM  New Orleans, LA  1985
unknown station  Fort Worth, TX  (sometime after 1986)
WNWS-AM  Miami, FL  (sometime after 1986)
  Miami, FL  1986
WFLA-AM  Tampa, FL  1986
KMOX-AM  St. Louis, MO  1986
WGSO-AM  New Orleans, LA  1987-1988
WQAM-AM  Miami, FL  1988-1990
KKSS-AM  St. Louis, MO  (unknown dates)
WNSI-AM  St. Petersburg, FL  (unknown dates)
unknown station  Nebraska  (unknown dates)
WKAT-AM  Miami, FL  (unknown dates)